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NAVONA - Books

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9 books total.
Droznin, Andrej
Dano mne telo… Cto mne delat' s nim? Kn. 1 / Andrej Droznin. Moskva: Navona, 2009. 462 S. ISBN 978-5-91798-005-8
EUR 35,00 (Deliverable within 4-6 weeks)
No image. Degterev, D. A.
Ékonomiceskaja diplomatija: ékonomika, politika, pravo / D. A. Degterev. Moskva: NAVONA, 2010. 176 S., Softcover ISBN 978-5-91798-011-9
EUR 22,00 (Deliverable within 4-6 weeks)
No image. Znosko-Borovskij E.
Russkij teatr načala XX veka / Znosko-Borovskij E.. Moskva: Navona, 2014. 560 S., Hardcover ISBN 978-5-91798-029-4
EUR 55,00 (In stock)
No image. Inna Soloveva, Vera Šitova.
A.S. Suvorin: portret na fone gazety / Vera Šitova. Inna Soloveva. Moskva: Navona, 2017. 128 S., Hardcover ISBN 978-5-91798-036-2
EUR 26,00 (Deliverable within 4-6 weeks)
No image. Nikolaj Evreinov
Čto takoe teatr / Nikolaj Evreinov: Navona, 2017. 48 S., Hardcover ISBN 978-5-91798-043-0
EUR 27,00 (Deliverable within 4-6 weeks)
No image. Konstantin Miklaševskij
La Commedia dell'arte ili teatr italjanskich komediantov XVl, XVll i XVlll stoletij / Konstantin Miklaševskij: Navona, 2017. 336 S., Hardcover ISBN 978-5-91798-038-6
EUR 45,00 (Deliverable within 4-6 weeks)
No image. Pavel Ljubimcev
Vachtangov prodolžaetsja! Ščukinskaja škola včera i segodnja / Pavel Ljubimcev: Navona, 2017. 208 S., Hardcover ISBN 978-5-91798-039-3
EUR 29,00 (Deliverable within 4-6 weeks)
No image. Rimma Krečetova
Režisser i drugie / Rimma Krečetova: Navona, 2016. 392 S., Softcover ISBN 978-5-91798-035-5
EUR 25,00 (Deliverable within 4-6 weeks)
No image. Elena Gorfunkel
Genij Smoktunovskogo / Elena Gorfunkel: Navona, 2015. 480 S., Hardcover ISBN 978-5-91798-030-0
EUR 30,00 (Deliverable within 4-6 weeks)